Sunday, December 7, 2008

Grafitti a'la Jazz

Movie set to Dj Spooky's Ibid track found at Youtube:">Youtube

For the COMPLETE experience: open a new window and visit the Youtube address. Press play - pull up movie herein this with music in bkground.

NOTE: Music was not embedded in movie given that the music itself stands alone as its own structure attesting to the subject matter of its video; however, in sampled form (as it is being used here) it is able to under-speak yet another subject - the topic of my visual discourse.

Remix de Digital

Click on image for larger display

Manifesto of mine - a recapitulation

Take note that the following sequencing has randomized itself, and so does not follow the original order throughout; however, though a bit longer, its remix speaks to the overall message of the repetition/reification of negative racial stereotypes - individual re-/capitulation - and resistance.